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Steelcase Technology Solutions

Room Wizard II

Next-Level Scheduling

The Room Wizard II is the most all-inclusive technology based meeting-room scheduling system the business world has seen. It uses power-over-ethernet for easier installation and is compatible with several calendar systems including Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Administrators can control, update, and monitor all of a corporation's RoomWizards from one location.

The device is DHCP capable, so network configuration is a breeze and it's built-in web server allows users to schudule their meeting from any local networked computer.

Interruptions Cost Money


Maximizing Collaboration

Usually when people come together to collaborate on a project, you have one person in control of the projector or large screen. With media:scape people access and share information by allowing all participants to contribute their ideas – equally, quickly and seamlessly. Connection pucks are built right into the table and can quicky connect anyone atttending to the main view screen. And with media:scape with HD videoconferencing you can do this across the internet with anyone along with local attendees.

And with the mobile media:scape you can take your colaborations/meetings wherever you want.

QT Quiet Technology

Sound Masking, Paging, and Music

QT is a total sound masking solution for any sized work environment, from thousands of square feet to hundreds of thousands of square feet.

Sound masking is where you add certain types of white noise into an area to cover up unwanted sounds. A primary zone would be a large open room where dozens of cubicle desks are arranged. Things can get distracting when everyone is on the phone and talking to clients all at once.

Three different models of the QT PRO allow for 120 to 720 emitters, potentially covering up to 72,000 square feet. And QT's network control allows you to manipulate everything via the local area network. And lastly, the QT supports the distribution of paging and music!

QT has a simple layout and installation process, the softare is included on the device, and the emitters are plug and play, so no tuning is required.

Low-Profile Flooring

Routing Cable Wherever They're Needed

The Low-Profile Flooring is a unique flooring system that allows for virtually unlimited cabeling options. Multiple triangular panels lock together securely 2.5 inches off the floor onto a grid of three-point supports. This provides a stable floor that won't buckle, echo, or rock. And even better, there are no fasteners or adhesives required, so the flooring can be easily reconfigured or relocated.