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Our Green Statement

OEC is committed to maintaining a clean environment by taking actions in our small business to reduce our carbon footprint. These actions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • We are a member of the Green Coast Council for Businesses Organizing for Sustainable Solutions. One of our principals is on the board of directors.
  • We collect plastic bottles and aluminum cans from our break room and bring them to a local recycling center.
  • We collect empty toner cartridges from our customers and ship them to a toner recycling facility, thereby eliminating their landfill footprint. We also purchase remanufactured toner cartridges to sell to our customers at discounted rates.
  • We reuse boxes from our incoming shipments to package outgoing office supply orders.
  • Our Go Green! program was created to recollect office supply boxes from our customers to reuse and recycle them. This keeps cardboard out of landfills and allows our customers to add to their own green initiatives.
  • In mid-2010 we restructured our delivery routes to increase fuel efficiency by reducing the number of vehicles on the routes and optimizing our route patterns. This included alternating delivery days and using combined delivery services with other organizations in remote areas to reduce our drive time between stops.
  • We recycle all metal furniture or components that come back from our customers by having a partner pick up and take the metal to a local recycler.
  • By the nature of our furniture division, we generate a large amount of cardboard that is not the correct size for reuse. We have a collection bin behind our warehouse that is regularly emptied at a local recycling facility. We also work with the Boy Scouts of Saraland Troop 113 who pick up and recycle cardboard as one of their community projects.
  • Where able, we stagger employee shifts in certain areas of the company to work a Cradle to Cradle four-day work week, instead of five, resulting in less commuting time and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • We carry products that are certified Cradle to Cradle, which is a multi-attribute eco-label that certifies a product’s safety to humans and the environment and its design for future life cycles.
  • Many of the products we provide carry the GreenGuard Certified seal of approval Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified for indoor air quality. Be sure to look for this icon when purchasing your furniture.
  • We work with our suppliers to return used pallets back to their distribution centers for reuse in their outgoing shipments.
  • We set up our accounting software to e-mail invoices and statements to customers, reducing our mail output and thus our carbon mail footprint.