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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose OEC with so many other furniture companies available?

With over 40 years of furniture sales and installation experience, we have a broad group of team members who have learned the most efficient and effective ways to make any size project run smoothly. Within our management team, their tenure ranges from 36 years down to the smallest number of 17 years.

Why is buying from a local vendor important?

When you buy from a local company, more of your purchasing dollars stay in the local economy which keeps the are robust and healthy. Some studies have shown that as much as 68% of your dollars stay locally in the area versus making purchases with a chain where only 43% of your dollars stay local. For a local real world example, visit the following link to learn more about how this works:

Do you have warehousing and receiving capabilities?

We have over 40,000 sq feet of warehouse space which includes multiple docks and forklifts and racking that enables us to stack product for short term storage as needed.

Do you provide cleaning and/or repair services?

We have a dedicated service technician with over 30 years experience in repair and maintenance of furniture. We have found that the most common item needing repair is chairs.

What kind of warranty do you provide for the product that you sell?

We are the support conduit on your behalf to guarantee the warranty provided by the manufacturers from whom you purchase product. We provide a 180 day labor warranty on all new product sold and parts are covered depending on the individual manufacturer warranty.

Can you remove my old furniture?

We have options available to remove and dispose of your existing furniture if it is not salable. In some situations, we can provide a way for you to offset the cost of your new furniture by selling your old furniture for you.

Can you assemble my furniture and do you assemble my furniture before we receive it?

Part of our service available is the assembly of your furniture. Assembly timing depends on the type of furniture purchased. Some furniture requires that we assemble it on site due to transportation or size issues. These types of furniture include but are not limited to cubicles, mobile filing systems, and conference tables. Chairs and smaller casegoods will typically be assembled in our warehouse and delivered assembled.

What payment options do you have available?

We provide credit terms for our clients based on individual needs and approvals. We also accept credit cards and have leasing options through various sources.

Where are payments mailed to?

OEC - Accounts Receivable
104 E I-65 Service Rd North
Mobile, AL 36607

Do you have social media sites for more information?

We have a presence on the following social media:

facebook : twitter : LinkedIn : Google + : YouTube

Can you reconfigure my existing cubicles and other systems furniture?

We can inventory, redesign, and reconfigure your existing systems furniture. We have a space planning team that will work hand in hand with our installers to create the new space from your existing furniture.

Can you install my furniture if I purchased it from someone else?

Yes. Many of our furniture installations take place for large national corporations who purchase their furniture out of a central location in a major city where their corporate headquarters is located.

Is there a job to small or to big for you?

No job is too big or too small. We have a network of local resources we can utilize on projects when work inevitably stacks up to be installed all at the same time.

How long will it take to receive and have my furniture installed?

This depends on the manufacturer lead times and how many different manufacturers are involved. Typically when a project is ordered, we will look at the longest lead time manufacturer and base the project installation around that arrival date.

What is systems office furniture?

Systems furniture is another name for office cubicles. Systems furniture is assembled on site in the requested configuration of the client and includes panels, surfaces, pedestals, bins, lighting, and any other accessories needed to meet your needs. One of the great features of systems furniture is the ability to reconfigure it if needed to make your existing furniture meet your new organizational structure or business model. We have some clients who have a large inventory of systems furniture and most of the work that we do for them is reconfigure and maintain their inventory to empower their facilities departments to quickly adapt to the changing marketplace in their business.

Do you rent furniture?

Absolutely, we have the ability to rent furniture. Many times, clients would rather rent furniture due to the temporary nature of a project or based on an accounting need. Tell us what you need and we can locate the right product at the right price for your needs.