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Buying Local Matters

Why Buy Local?

OEC is committed to supporting our local community. We are a locally owned and operated, and believe in the importance of purchasing locally. When you make purchases from a local company, more of your money stays in the local economy.Money in a local economy is like blood in a body. It must continue to flow freely in order for the body to thrive.

Only 43% of money spent at national companies remains in the local economy, but that figure jumps to 68% when buying from local firms.* The charts below make the difference clear.

For an example of how this works, please read the following article about a Brewton, Alabama pharmacist who decided to launch a homegrown economic stimulus package. He clearly demonstrated how keeping money in the local economy flowed through the local businesses and provided a visual reminder of how to keep the money local.
* Source: The Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, Chicago, IL. Oct. 2004.