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Website Tips | Getting Indexed by Google | SEO


Here are a few tips to increase your website's potential to climb the Google ranking ladder a little faster. As you may or may not know, the more original content your website has, the better. A website with 27 pages of content is better than a site with only 6, but... Both of these sites could only have 5 pages indexed in Google!

Sometimes search engines are not indexing all of the pages you painstakingly created to increase your site's usefulness and ranking. Here are a few rules to apply to each individual page on your site. Each html tag discussed below is found or should be placed, at the top of the html code in between the <head></head> tags.

1. Title Tag <title>Webpage Title</title>
Your title-tag should be no more than 65 characters long, but the two most important aspects are that it is unique from all other pages and includes keywords about the content of the page. This title will be used as the link-text on Google search results.

2. Meta Description Tag <meta name="description" content="Page description" />
This is what Google will use to describe the web page, when listing it in search results. This should also be unique to all other pages and describe the page content. Do your best to include some keywords in this description. The length of the description should be 80-160 characters.

3. Meta Keyword Tag <meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2" />
The keywords you have chosen to include in your title tag and description tag should be placed in this tag, each separated by a comma. Do not cram a ton of keywords in there. Just pick a few that you think people would search for to get to your page. Again, this set of keywords should be unique to all other pages on your site.

There you go. If the above three elements are unique on each page of your website, you should have better luck getting them indexed. How fast this happens depends on how often Google is crawling your website, so be patient.

Here is an easy way to see what pages of your site are indexed. In Google search type in (replacing with your domain name). This will return every link Google knows, that starts with that domain name. Good luck!

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