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Tips for Choosing the Right Office Chair


If you work in an office, you spend quite a bit of time in your chair every day. It's important that your office chair be comfortable, as well as that it provides proper support for your back. If the padding is worn down in your chair's seat or if you experience back, leg or arm pain throughout the workday, it's probably time for you to replace it. OEC has an extensive selection of office chairs to meet every need.

1. Backrest Support: Choose a chair that has a backrest that can be positioned to provide support for your entire back - from your lower back all the way through your shoulder blades. The best chairs have adjustable backrests, which make it possible for you to tweak positioning specific to your body.

2. Additional Adjustment Capabilities: An adjustable backrest isn't the only moveable feature to look for. Search for a chair that allows for multiple types of adjustment, including tilting arms, height adjustment, swiveling capabilities and more. This will allow you to adjust positioning not just for your size and shape, but also to meet the demands of different types of tasks you perform at work.

Padded Chair Office Furniture3. Padding: Select a chair with a thickly padded seat that provides cushion for your bottom and upper thighs. Also look for cushioned armrests, a feature that will provide for maximum comfort and support when your arms are resting on your chair.

4. Consider Lumbar Support: Look for a chair that has a built-in lumbar support feature, something that provides extra support for the way that your spine curves naturally. This is especially important for people who have lower back problems, but can be beneficial to everyone.

5. Personal Test Drive: It's hard to tell if a chair is right for you just by looking at it. Chairs that look very comfortable sometimes don't feel as good as they look, and what's comfortable for one person might be uncomfortable to someone else. Visit our showroom to narrow down your choices, and then sit in the chairs that you find most appealing to finalize your selection.

Boost your comfort at work by not spending one more day in a worn out chair or one that is ill-suited for your needs. Call or come by OEC today to let us help you select the perfect chair for you!

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