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Practical Holiday Gifts for College Students


If you're shopping for a college student this holiday season, consider selecting a gift that will be helpful during the winter semester and beyond. After all, going to college is expensive - even beyond the cost of tuition, books and housing. Keeping up with the ongoing cost of supplies can be a challenge, even for working students or those who receive significant financial support from family members.

Practical Suggestions for Student Gifts

Practical supplies and equipment just might be appreciated more - and be more meaningful - than a new scarf or pair of fuzzy slippers! Here are a few items that any college student is sure to be thrilled to receive.

Desk or Chair

If your favorite college student lives in an off-campus apartment or a furnish-it-yourself dorm room, a new desk or chair might be a good option - especially if her or she is accustomed to completing school work on the sofa or in bed. Ask first, of course, because space is always a concern when sharing with roommates or living in a small place. OEC has a great selection of new and used office furniture, so there's something to fit just about any budget.

Printer Ink

Printer ink can be a major expense for college students, especially those taking classes that require a lot of paper-writing. Try to find out what kind of printer the college student you are shopping for owns so that you can surprise him or her with several replacement ink jet cartridges or toner cartridges. Or, if you discover that the printer is one notorious for expensive replacement ink, consider giving a new printer (with at least one replacement cartridge) instead.

Computer Accessories

Computer accessories are also likely to be appreciated by college students. Chances are they already have a computer and/or tablet, but they might not have a full complement of accessories. For example, a new laptop case or bag is a great gift idea. An ergonomic mouse pad or wrist rest might also be a much-appreciated gift.

Many Options

These are just a few of the many practical gift ideas that college students are sure to appreciate. Consider the individual's needs and preferences - as well as what her or she may already own - and you're sure to come up with a gift idea destined to be a hit!

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