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Steelcase, Love How You Work!

OEC in Toronto Canada | Global Corporate Visit

Last week, our Executive Vice President, Gerri Holland, our interior design staff of three, Breck Blake, Bonnie Pate, Lauren Beckett, and several of our contract furniture sales representatives, including Lori Dedual and Nancy Bramlett had the opportunity to visit the Global Corporate office and some of their manufacturing facilities in Toronto Canada.

Global has excellent furnishings for the office environment, including products for healthcare and hospitality applications. While we were impressed with the breadth of lines and quality of their product, what most impressed us was their company culture.

As you know company culture starts at the top and rolls down the line. The founder and leader of Global, Saul Feldberg, is an amazing man. In spite of his great success he is still a down to earth, humble person. He joined us for lunch the first day we were there and personally thanked us for our business as he does with every dealer group that visits.

Mr. Feldberg's energy and passion for his employees and for customer satisfaction was apparent in the brief hour spent with him, and the attitudes of their employees reflected this.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our Global Sales Representative and Territory Manager, Richie Schmitt for providing us with this opportunity!

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