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How to Speed Up Computer Startup | Quick Boot


It's one of the most annoying aspects of a well-seasoned windows machine. You turn your machine on and you have enough time to write a book before your system is loaded up and ready for use. Here a quick tip on how to get her up and going a little faster.

The MSCONFIG Command

If you're on a Windows XP machine, click the START button then select RUN. On Windows 7, click the Windows START Orb and select the SEARCH field. In this RUN or SEARCH field type the MSCONFIG and press ENTER. This launches the System Configuration Utility.

There are several tabs to select in this window. The one we're concerned with is the STARTUP tab. This tab lists lots of Startup Items your computer loads when you boot the computer. The headings for the list are STARTUP ITEM, COMMAND, and LOCATION. If the startup item name doesn't tip you off to what the program is, usually the command path will give you a better idea.

Now just sort through this list and un-check all the items that you don't need to start when Windows boots up, click OK. You'll see a prompt letting you know that a reboot is required for the changes to take effect. Note, that this will not remove the program. You can still launch these applications manually.

If you're doing this on a work computer, be sure to check with your system administrator before removing items from this list. On a home computer however, I like to start by removing everything from this list and rebooting. Just make sure your antivirus is loading up. If not, go back into MSCONFIG -> STARTUP, find it in the list and re-enable it.

That's it! Depending on how many items you've removed, you should see a significant difference in startup performance.

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