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How to Build Positive Relationships in the Workplace


The key to building positive work relationships lies with recognizing that how other people see you has a lot to do with how you conduct yourself, how you allow yourself to be treated and who you associate with. Incorporate these tips into your workplace behaviors and you'll be on your way to improved relationships with coworkers.

45 Tips to Foster Positive Workplace Relationships

  1. Do your job.
  2. Be considerate of other people with whom you share work space or common areas.
  3. Show respect to everyone, including other people's needs and time.
  4. Avoid starting or participating in gossip.
  5. Avoid monopolizing conversations.
  6. Avoid "one-upping" everyone.
  7. Show empathy to other people.
  8. Take initiative.
  9. Provide assistance to others.
  10. Be honest.
  11. Show loyalty.
  12. Accept - even celebrate - differences among people.
  13. Treat everyone the same.
  14. Say positive things to others about coworkers who do a good job or who are helpful to you or others.
  15. Continually strive to improve your communication skills.
  16. Communicate clearly, taking the time to verify that your messages have been conveyed accurately.
  17. Ask about other people's perspectives.
  18. Value the contributions of others.
  19. Allow other people to speak and really pay attention to what they are saying.
  20. Use active listening.
  21. Learn how to be open to feedback.
  22. Learn how to give feedback constructively.
  23. "Own" your actions.
  24. Look for positives.
  25. Don't dwell on negatives.
  26. Avoid complaining.
  27. Stay out of "office politics."
  28. Be friendly to everyone.
  29. Look for ways to include co-workers rather than trying to exclude them.
  30. Be welcoming to new co-workers.
  31. Set boundaries. Don't let personal drama impact your work.
  32. Be dependable.
  33. Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you say you are going to do.
  34. Keep your word.
  35. Be trustworthy.
  36. Deal with conflicts early on rather than letting them fester.
  37. Remember that there are multiple sides to every story. Avoid jumping to conclusions.
  38. Give people second chances.
  39. Follow-up with people.
  40. Be a team player (rather than just looking out for #1 - yourself).
  41. Avoid taking business decisions/situations personally.
  42. Thank people for their help - even if they are "just doing their job."
  43. Send emails or hand-written notes to say "thanks."
  44. Exhibit proper mobile device etiquette in the workplace.
  45. Follow proper hygiene.

Change Starts With You

If you want to build better workplace relationships, it's important to recognize - and stop - any negative workplace habits you might have (everyone has some!) and to conduct yourself in a way that will lead others to see you as someone they're happy to work with!

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