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Holiday Gift Ideas for Home Offices


Are you shopping for a Christmas gift for someone who works from home daily or on a somewhat regular basis? If so, purchasing something designed to make their home office a little more functional or attractive just might be the perfect gift idea!

Three Home Office Christmas Gift Recommendations

While a home-based worker is likely to enjoy just about any gift that enhances their workspace, there are a few particularly great - and helpful! - ideas that you may want to consider.

1. Executive Chair

Many people have home office chairs that are well-beyond their useful lifespan, but comfort and body positioning are just as important when working from home as they are in an office environment. If you're shopping for someone who is using a worn out desk chair in their home office, consider selecting a modern chair designed for maximum ergonomic benefit as a special gift. High-back executive chairs are available in a variety of price points from less than 200 to well over 200 dollars, depending on features and quality.

2. Anti-Static Floor Mat

Rolling office chairs can damage flooring, so you may want to consider giving an anti-static floor mat to the home-based workers on your holiday shopping list if they don't need a chair or if purchasing a chair is outside of your price range. Prices range from just under $100 to around $130 depending on size. Your thoughtful gift just might save the recipient's carpet from pulls or keep the wood or tile from getting gouged.

3. Quality Shredder

A high-quality shredder is something that everyone who works from home needs. These items are actually good choices for anyone, as even those who don't have home offices need to properly dispose of paperwork that has personal information on it. While shredders are available in a very wide range of price points, quality home shredders are available for between 110 and 150 dollars.

Practical Gifts for Home Offices

Gifts like these are practical and personal, as they show that you are focused on providing a useful gift that fits in well with the personal and professional needs of the person you are shopping for. Your gesture will likely be even more appreciated if you make your purchase from a locally-owned small business, demonstrating your commitment to boosting the economy in your community by making thoughtful decisions about where to shop. Whatever you choose, your thoughtful gift is sure to be appreciated!

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