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Holding an Office Holiday Cooking Exchange


Are you looking for a fun way to bring together employees in the holiday spirit? Consider hosting a Christmas cookie exchange at your office for team members who would like to participate. Planning a cookie exchange isn't difficult, and it's something that can be a lot of fun!

Steps to Hosting an Office Christmas Cookie Exchange

The idea behind a holiday cookie exchange is to allow people to bake their favorite cookie recipe to share - along with the recipe. Each person who participates will bring in a big batch of the same cookies to share and leave with an assortment of cookies in approximately the same quantity (less whatever they decide to sample during the gathering).

  1. Pick a date after the holiday season is in full swing, but not too close to Christmas Day. You don't want to wait until quite a few people are out on vacation!

  2. Schedule a specific time frame and location for the event so that participants will know where to bring their cookies, leave their recipes and sample or pick up cookies brought in by their coworkers.

  3. Post a sign-up sheet so that participating employees can get a good idea of how many cookies they need to prepare to bring in for the exchange and so they can get an idea of what others are bringing to avoid too much duplication.

  4. Announce the cookie exchange in whatever ways makes the most sense in your workplace. You may want to hang a sign in the break room or lunch room, send out emails to employees, place flyers in employee mailboxes, use your company newsletter, or anything other way that will help spread the word.

  5. On the day of the exchange, prepare the area where people will gather to swap cookies and recipes while sampling the goodies with Christmas decorations and complementary beverages such as wassail and hot chocolate.

Simple Workplace Holiday Activity

Hosting an office cookie exchange takes very little effort to plan and organize, yet can be a lot of fun for employees who enjoy baking and eating. Why not plan a cookie exchange at your office this holiday season?

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