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Great Dishes for a Summer Office Potluck


If your company is hosting an office potluck this summer, you'll want to take a tasty appetizer, side dish or dessert that features the flavors of the season! A potluck is a great occasion for trying new recipes, as you'll be able to get opinions from several coworkers on whether the dish is a "keeper." If you want to expand beyond your tried-and-true collection of recipes, consider one of these great dishes!

Summer Potluck Appetizer Recipes

Super starters to share at a summertime office potluck include:

  • Bean and Corn Salsa: Fresh, homemade salsa is a great option for office potlucks, and it's very easy to prepare, store and serve. This version from Cooking Light pairs black beans with fresh corn, tomatoes, tomatillos and onions with lime juice and spices for a bit of a kick. Serve with tortilla chips.
  • Smoked Tuna Dip: Summer is a great time to enjoy the great flavor of seafood, though you can use canned tuna (it'll be our secret!) to create this flavorful appetizer that is perfect to pair with crackers, fresh veggies or sturdy chips.

Summer Potluck Side Dish Recipes

Great seasonal side dishes that are sure to be a hit include:
  • Broccoli, Cherry Tomato and Pasta Salad: Cold salads are a great summer option, and they're super-easy for workplace potlucks. This simple recipe from Cooking Light combines flavorful and colorful veggies with a healthful homemade dressing.
  • Summer Squash and Zucchini: Also readily available during the warmest months of the year, summer (yellow) squash and zucchini are great choices for summer side dishes. Saute these tasty veggies with sweet red pepper and onion for a delicious treat that pairs with any main course.

Summer Potluck Dessert Recipes

Sweet and sumptuous summer desserts perfect for sharing include:
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Pie: This strawberry rhubarb pie recipe from just might be the ultimate summer dessert for sharing! It's hard to find a sweet treat that is more seasonal for summer than one that combines fresh strawberries with rhubarb.
  • Peach Crumble Dessert: Peaches are plentiful during the summer, which makes them a great option when creating a shareable deserts. Similar to cobbler, but a little easier to make, this peach crumble dessert from Taste of Home will likely become a classic additional to your recipe collection.

Enjoy a Great Meal with Your Coworkers

These dishes are a great option for any office potluck, no matter what main course is served. Try one (or a few!) of these great recipes the next time you're looking for a great dish to share with your coworkers!

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