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Four Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office


Spring is a great time to devote some energy to cleaning and organizing your workspace. Whether you work from home or go to work in a place of business each day, it's important to periodically purge items from your office space that are no longer necessary and to make sure that the things you do use are well-organized and situated for maximum efficiency.

4 Simple Office Cleaning Tips

Eliminate Supply Hoarding
If you have enough supplies in your desk to outfit a team of 20 coworkers, let go of some of the items. Throw away pens that don't work like and return excess supplies - including items that you have too many of or will simply will never use - to a central supply area that others can access so that someone else can put them to good use.

Organize Frequently Used Supplies
Put your most commonly used supplies in an area where you can get to them quickly and easily. Consider using an item like the Rolodex Mesh Oval Pencil Cup to organize frequently-used supplies like pens, pencils, sticky notes and paper clips on your desk so they are always in easy reach. This is a great way to free up a drawer in your desk and save a bit of time (since you'll no longer have to rummage through drawers looking for a pen).

Clean Your Computer
It's advisable to periodically wipe down your computer monitor with a gentle cloth and use a can of compressed air to clean hard-to-reach and sensitive areas on your computer without risking damage to critical components. This is a great way to remove dust that builds up over time and can damage of the inner workings of your machine if left unchecked.

Purge Files
If you haven't purged your paper files in a while, spring is a great time to go through them and get rid of any items that you no longer need. Keep documents that you use regularly, that you expect to need in the future, and items that fall within your company's records retention policy. Beyond that, if you have file folders stuffed with junk, remove the junk and shred or recycle it. You may even want to consider scanning some documents that you need to keep for electronic storage so you can eliminate even more paper from your work area.

Get Ready for a Fresh Start
These cleaning tips are things you can do fairly quickly and easily, yet they provide a great way to enjoy a fresh start in your office as you swing into spring. Once you've made these small changes, look around and consider what other tasks you can tackle to make your office shine and keep clutter away for good.

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