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Five Helpful Desk Organization Tips


Having a disorganized desk can be an unnecessary source of stress that zaps your productivity on a daily basis. While not everyone has the same idea of what an organized desk looks like, it's a fact that getting the items in and on your desk situated in a way that makes sense for you can go a long way toward reducing your stress levels and getting you on the way to maximizing your efficiency and effectiveness at work.

Five Tips to Get Your Desk Organized

1. Remove Everything to Begin If you really want to get your desk organized, it's best to start with a proverbial "clean slate". Take everything off the top of your desk an empty out the drawers. It will be much more effective to get your desk organized if it's empty when you begin the process.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Items Look at the items that you've removed from your desk and get rid of any that you really don't need to keep in your desk. Throw away junk that is just cluttering up your desk and file away items that need to be put in a long term storage area. If you items that are in good shape, but you just never use them, set them aside to give to charity.

3. Separate Based on Usage Frequency Look at the remaining items and separate them based on how frequently you use them. Items that you use every day should be grouped together so that you can put them in the most easily accessible areas of your desk. Items that you don't use at least once a month should probably be set aside for relocation to a file cabinet or storage closet.

4. Begin Replacing Items Select spots to hold the items that you use the most frequently first, being sure that you can access them very easily, and that they are situated in a way that will make it easy for you to store them away in between uses. Once that is done, look at the remaining items and allocate them out to areas of the desk where they fit properly and that will be easy for you to remember.

5. Commit to Daily Straightening Your desk won't stay organized if you don't take steps to keep the system that you've just created in place. Set aside a little time at the end or beginning of each workday to get your desk work area and storage situated in the way that works best for you. Doing this every day will keep clutter from building up and get you started on your way to having access to a well-organized desk at all times.

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