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Fitting Exercise Into the Work Day


Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult for working professionals to find time to fit workouts into their busy schedules. If you find it too difficult to set aside time for physical activity before or after the work, you may be able to find ways to squeeze exercise in at other times.

Eight Workday Workout Ideas

These small fitness habits can make a big difference if you get in the habit of doing them - all or a few - regularly.

  1. If you spend a lot of time on the phone at work, get a hands-free headset. When you're on long calls, stand up and move around a bit. You can make the most of this time by walking around your office, marching in place or stretching.

  2. Keep an exercise ball in your office and use it for short stretches of time while you are seated at your desk. You could even consider investing in a chair that has an exercise ball for the seat.

  3. When traveling between floors of an office building, opt for the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

  4. Keep small hand weights and/or ankle weights (3 pounds or so) in your office and use them for brief periods of time when you take breaks.

  5. Go for a walk on your lunch hour. Either eat your lunch first or, if possible, walk to and from a nearby restaurant with healthful food choices. If you work near a park, consider packing a bag lunch and walking there to enjoy it on nice days.

  6. Take the long way when walking from one area of your office to another - not so much as to waste time, but enough to get in a few extra steps.

  7. Instead of looking for a parking spot close to the building's entrance, deliberately situate your car pretty far away. This will cause you to spend more time walking to and from the door, upping your daily step count a bit.

  8. Get in the habit of contracting various muscle groups at different times throughout the day for toning benefits. For example, squeeze your abs during long meetings or contract your glutes while standing at the copier.

Improve Wellness

By exercising on a more regular basis, you'll boost your overall good health and well-being. The end result just might be improved productivity and additional energy, providing you with the freedom and flexibility to begin working out a bit more for added advantages.

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