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BYOD Bring Your Own Dog


A 2006 survey from The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association (APPMA) reports that nearly one in five American companies allows pets in the workplace. Other studies have shown that allowing dogs in the workplace can reduce work-related stress, improve morale and increase job satisfaction. A recent study out of Central Michigan University reveals that dogs in the workplace can lead to more trust between co-workers and that leads to more collaboration among team members.

So how do you implement a BYOD "Bring Your Own Dog" to work day?

Designate Specific "Doggie" Days
Identify one day a month, or even once a week, that pets are allowed to come with their owners to work. This establishes communication within the office for those that might not like pets or have phobias or allergies. Outlining these days will allow those people to avoid the office those days and work from home, or work from another area of the office to allow their work-mate's pooch on the job. Making "pet free zones" is also important so that the work environment is comfortable for two & four legged employees!

Sign Up Sheet/Pet Limit
Create a sign up sheet and limit the amount of pets allowed per office/per pet day. This will prevent overcrowding or arguing amongst the pets. On the sign up sheet, make sure to place a checkbox that states the pet is up-to-date on shots. Require the owners to bring this proof to ensure everyone's safety in the office.

Doggie Etiquette
The dogs that are brought to work must be able to be around people without barking as well as be ok around other pets. They would need to be on a leash and potty trained. Making a list of these rules and having them available to pet-day prospects will qualify if their long-eared friend is office suitable. Creating a "Pet Committee" for the office to come up with these rules, potentially from some of the personnel that is very interested in having a Doggie Day at the office would work best. That way everyone is in agreement that these rules need to be followed to have a successful & continuing BOYD day.

Following these simple steps will send you on your way to a successful doggie day for the pooch & the office personnel! Don't forget your dog treats for the office break room, OEC has them available now, in stock and FREE local two day delivery.

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