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Benefits of Having Office Supplies Delivered


Having office and janitorial supplies delivered directly to your business location offers a number of great benefits - and even important protections - for your company. Before you send a staff member to the store on a "quick" office supply run, stop and think about the potential problems that could develop.


When your employees drive in the course of doing their jobs, the company is exposed to liability if any type of accident should occur. This includes both automobile-related liability related to the accident and a potentially costly workers compensation claim if the employee is injured.

This is just as true if they are driving their own cars as if they are operating company vehicles, and the liability is there whether they stop by the store on their way to and from the office or if you send them on a special trip to the store.

Wage and Hour Compliance

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers are responsible for paying non-exempt employees for all hours worked to the nearest quarter hour. An hour worked is defined as any time work is "suffered or permitted". Time spent shopping for supplies for the company definitely meets the definition of compensable time.

So, when you ask an employee to pick up office supplies while he or she is out of the office for lunch, that person's lunch break - at least the portion spent getting to the office supply store, making the purchase and getting back from it - just became compensable time, and could even contribute to overtime. You are responsible for tracking - and paying for this time. The same is true for time an employee spends picking up supplies for the office on the way to or from work.


When your employees are out of the office shopping for office supplies, they aren't performing the key functions that you hired them to take care of. Why send a valuable employee out of the office - away from his or her duties - to do something that could easily be taken care of for you at no cost? Wouldn't their time be better spent in the office, doing the work that they are hired to perform? Chances are, that's what they'd rather be doing anyway.

Avoid Unnecessary Risk

A simple run to the office supply or mass merchandise store isn't so simple when you look at all of the possible pitfalls. There is just no reason to expose your company to these unnecessary risks. When you make OEC your supplier of choice, you'll never have to send an employee out to purchase office or janitorial supplies again. Not only will you enjoy our competitive prices and great customer service, you'll be providing an important risk management function for your company.

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