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3 Tips to Reduce Your Office Carbon Footprint


Home isn't the only place that small changes can make a big different when it comes to doing your part to protect the environment. It's also important - and fairly easy - to take steps at work to reduce the waste generated by your company, thus reducing its overall carbon footprint.

3 Small Changes That Matter

1. Use Both Sides of Paper

Instead of throwing out drafts of documents once you are finished proofreading, save the paper and use the other side when printing additional drafts and other items that won't be sent out of your office - such as internal checklists, driving directions, sign-up sheets for internal events, etc. This will help reduce the amount of paper you use, which is not only good for the environment but can also save you money.

2. Recycle Office Paper

Once you have used both sides of paper, don't throw it away. Set up a paper recycling bin in a convenient location - such as beside the copier, near a shared printer or even near your time clock or in the break room. Have someone drop the accumulated paper off at the recycling center on a regular basis - of course when they are already driving by the recycling center for another reason to conserve fuel!

3. Expand Office Recycling Efforts

Since an employee will be going by the recycling center to drop off paper now, this is a good time to start collecting other recyclable items as well. Place recycling containers in your office to capture other items that shouldn't find their way to landfills such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard boxes and more. Add these items to your regular recycling center drop off trips.

Small Changes for Big Difference

Start making small changes one at a time until your company is in the habit of following green practices in many aspects of operations. When you've implemented the items on this list, see 10 Simple Steps to Green Your Office for more suggestions you can try.

What starts out as something designed to make a small difference can expand to have an even greater impact on improving your company's environmental impact. As an added benefit, your employees will start getting into the habit of recycling, something they might extend into their home lives and other activities, resulting in additional positive environmental benefits.

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